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My name, as I’m sure you may have figured, is Dalia Hileman. I am a Character Rigger. I am getting my Bachelor’s of Science in Game Art & Design from the
Art Institutes of California: Silicon Valley (previously known as AI: Sunnyvale, just to make sure we’re on the same page.) in about four weeks. My history of
professional work is lacking, but that will be remedied in time. My school and private history in rigging includes my rigging Illidan Stormrage, Infested Sarah Kerrigan,
a Zergling, Jabba the Hutt, and with Dark Prelate Zeratul in progress (the models are NOT my own.)
(for conversation starter purposes) My gaming history stretches back to when I was 6 playing Warcraft II with my dad in multiplayer or cheating through the orc campaign
because I thought the talking dragon (Deathwing) at the end was cool. Then, when I was 8, started playing EverQuest 1. I remember waking up one day and finding the
Bioware game Baldur’s Gate on my dad’s desk, it turns out he had bought it so that his kids didn’t play so much EverQuest. The next game in that series, Shadows of Amn
(and its expansion Throne of Bhaal) are my favorite game ever, closely followed by the Mass Effect series. Very closely. They might even share the spot of my favorite, don’t know, probably do.
My favorite developer would be Bioware, closely followed by Blizzard. Also very closely. Both have amazing story-telling talents in every game they’ve done (that I’ve played, and I’ve
played quite a few from both developers). Of course, those aren’t the only two developers I buy games from. What Scifi/Fantasy RPG gaming collection would be complete
without at least one game from Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls series? I have three.

Please email me for additional contact information. Email is kimmuryiel@yahoo.com